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Three-rooms Apartment Larici

€ 192.000,00

In the colorful and modern Residence Larici, Caorle Lido Altanea, we offer spacious and bright three-room apartment.

The apartment, fresh and equipped with every comfort, it consists of large living...

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Two-rooms Villa Pioppi

€ 162.000,00

In the new seaside resort of high Adriatic "Lido Altanea", we sell two-room villa within the “Villaggio Ai Pioppi”.The villa is on two floors: in...

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Two-room-apt Roverelle Lido Altanea

€ 155.000,00

Just 400 meters from the sea in the beautiful seaside resort of Caorle - Lido Altanea, we sell one studio apartment at the Residence Roverelle.

The apartment has a large living room nicely furnished...

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Three-room Villa Betulle

€ 228.000,00

A villa with two floors and two bedrooms, in the new beautiful seaside resort of Lido Altanea, is the ideal investment for you and your family. The villa is placed inside of the charming Residence ...

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Two-room Villa Betulle

€ 170.000,00

In the new seaside resort of high Adriatic Lido Altanea, we sell a two-room villa on inside the charming Residence Le Betulle.

The villa on two floors has independent access and a small entry porch....

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Three-room Villa Faggi Residence

€ 200.000,00

In the new seaside resort of high Adriatic Lido Altanea, we sell a villa with two bedrooms and a small private garden, inside the charming Residence Faggi.

On the ground floor the villa has a living...

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Three-room Villa Faggi Lido Altanea

€ 225.000,00

In the charming resort of Caorle - Lido Altanea we sell a three-room villa in the Residence Faggi just 400 meters from the sea.The villa has two floors with ...

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One-room Salici Altanea

€ 105.000,00

In the comfort of the seaside resort of Lido Altanea - Caorle we offer bright and spacious one-room apartment at the Residence Salici.

The apartment is equipped with air conditioning and consists of...

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Two-room Villa Salici

€ 135.000,00

We sell a wonderful two-room villa in Lido Altanea - Caorle within Residence Salici standing  just 500 meters from the sea.

The two-storey  villa is equipped with air conditioned and composed by a l...

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Three-room Villa Salici

€ 200.000,00

Just 500 meters from the beach of Lido Altanea - Caorle, we sell a wonderful three-room villa in the Residence Salici.

The villa is equipped with the air conditioning system and have ground floor an...

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