About us

A long-established estate agent operating on the Veneto coast and in the Portogruaro area.


For the last 70 years, Agenzia Lampo has been helping people to buy, sell and rent residential and commercial properties in Veneto Beach resorts, Portogruaro and the surrounding area.


70 years after Giovanni Mazzarotto founded the company, our mission is still the same as ever: to serve customers and provide numerous solutions that can cater to the needs of a wide range of different people. The family construction firm is behind many of the outstanding properties in our selection.


Our services


We have a package of services to help clients before, during and after property sales:


  • Condominium administration services, for meticulous management of properties
  • Technical servicesfor appraisals, updates and land registry procedures
  • Rental services, for outstanding returns from investments in buy-to-let properties


How to choose a house today


Nowadays, new parameters come into play when you are choosing a property. Regardless of whether it will be your main abode or a holiday home, it is important to take into account:


  • Ecological sustainability
  • Energy consumption
  • The proximity of key services
  • The durability of the materials used
  • The appearance of the property
  • The dimensions of the rooms
  • Technological instruments


As well as helping third parties to buy and sell properties of various kinds, Agenzia Lampo sells properties of its own featuring painstakingly selected materials and cutting-edge construction solutions, which it ensures are always outstanding investments for clients.


This forward-thinking approach is reflected in the new Agenzia Lampo offices at 18 Via Sommariva in Portogruaro: a tower full of bright, open spaces that provides the perfect home for the management team and dozens of specialist staff in various clerical, administrative and technical fields.


There are also superb, highly qualified members of staff based in the beach resorts of Bibione, Caorle, Porto Santa Margherita, Lido Altanea and Lido di Jesolo, where they help clients to buy, sell and rent properties, endeavouring to provide them with the best possible advice. They quickly and competently solve problems when they arise and do their utmost to prevent them in the first place.