Who we are

An historical intermediary in real estate and rentals on the Veneto coast and Portogruaro hinterland.

Agenzia Lampo is from over 60 years leader in the branch of real estate and rentals of residential and commercial buildings on the Veneto coast and hinterland for Portogruaro and surroundings.

The way in which Lampo addresses to its public has strengthened its solid profile of serious and professionally efficient company in the course of the time. Choices important for the growth of the agency have been taken with stoutness, and they contributed in giving it an image of structured and composed company, spreading to the public a feeling of trustworthiness in the construction industry.

After seventy years from the establishment of the company founded by Mr. Mazzarotto Giovanni, Lampo is a bright example of the extolled “Italian economic miracle”. Ever since the “Mission” of Agenzia Lampo has been to offer its service to the clients, with multiple quality solutions – many of which born in the company itself - that meet the needs of a various public. The package of services offered by Agenzia Lampo also includes assistance after the purchase with the property management, the technical office for assessed valuations and cadastral updates and procedures, and the rentals, that ensures to the client that buys with the investment purpose, a safe income.

The customer is always at the core for Agenzia Lampo, that has understood how the clients have changed compared to 10/15 years ago: he is informed, prepared, more accurate and sensitive. New standards are at the bottom of a building purchase choice, both for residential or holiday purpose, standards that some years ago weren’t taken into consideration, as for example the ecological, consumptions, distances from the main services. What is important today is not only aesthetics, dimension and price, but also comfort, consumptions and materials’ life. In this sense Agenzia Lampo, together with many third part real estate offers, proposes own made buildings build with a focus on materials, cutting edge building solutions with items that have always to be a great investment for the customer.

Expression of this forward-looking approach is the new headquarter of Agenzia Lampo in Via Sommariva 18 in Portogruaro: a tower with bright spaces and a cutting edge technology. A general area of 1.300 square meters in a new and modern building that holds better the administration offices and the dozens of committed workers, and that fits better today’s technological needs.

In the beach resorts of Bibione, Caorle, Porto S. Margherita, Lido Altanea and Lido di Jesolo other valuable and experienced coworkers are at customers disposal both for holiday rentals and real estates.